The First authentic International hair salon in Hong Kong!!!


The Jean Louis David Hong Kong project was a much expected development into Asia to make our French breeze felt in Hong Kong.

Aiming only to provide the best, Jean Louis David Hong Kong offers its clients top-quality and exclusive hair and beauty services that cater to individual needs.

Customers will be given a stylebook featuring styles that are fresh and innovative, developed by Jean Louis David Academy in Paris, based on a careful study of the developments in the world’s glamour capital. Through ample communication with the customers and professional advice, the hairstylists are able to present the perfect hairstyle that best suit the customer’s style and disposition.

Jean Louis David於香港的項目是品牌亞洲發展藍圖中其中一個重點城市,讓香港也能體驗法國的美髮服務。秉承品牌宗旨,Jean Louis David為香港的客人提供高品質的和獨特的髮型和美容服務,滿足不同客人個性化的需求。

在客人展開其美髮歷程前,美髮師會遞上造型集,書內詳列由巴黎Jean Louis David Academy美髮學院精心研發的各種造型,每款造型皆由學院考察潮流之都巴黎的風尚,融入創意與專業設計而成。美髮師會與客人緊密溝通,並提供專業意見,務求為客人挑選最切合其韻味及個性的髮型。


A hair salon that keeps its finger on the pulse of fashion, hair fashions and salon client service


A leader in the world of hairdressing is sensitive not only to current fashions, but also to what is evolving. That's what makes them a leader. That's what makes Jean Louis David a global leader.

Each of our stylists has honed their skills over years of practice, and with Jean Louis David's annual Paris Academy training, they can sense current fashion trends and bring them to you in such a way that perfectly complements your personal vision for how you want your hair to look. At Jean Louis David we sense the way fashion is moving and translate that into hairstyles and techniques that reflect your fashion needs.

Our Academy in Paris gathers the latest styles from the seasonal international fashion shows and uses these to blend two new collections each year. Each new collection comes complete with technical skills taught to stylists reflecting the mood on the leading fashion runways now. Through our dedicated and imaginative designers, these become exciting styles and coloring techniques that can be adapted perfectly for each client. At Jean Louis David we offer our clients total professionalism at the cutting edge of hair design.

Jean Louis David內每名美髮師都承傳Jean Louis David最具代表性的傳統──訓練,並接受持續及密集的訓練,店內每名美髮師對每個髮型的設計、構造以至標準都瞭如指掌,唯有如此,才可以確保成品必定能達到Jean Louis David「卓越」的標準。
Jean Louis David Academy美髮學院的導師會從巴黎遠道來到香港,為我們的造型師提供訓練,確保造型師時刻走在潮流與技術的尖端。

The uniqueness of Jean Louis David

與眾不同的 Jean Louis David

"Being current and taking pleasure in reflecting his clientele's evolving tastes and underlying desires." This is Jean Louis David's mantra.

站在當前並樂於將客人內心不斷轉變的口味及慾望表達出來 – Jean Louis David

Jean Louis David, a legendary name since 1961, was a most significant and well-respected master in the hairstyling industry.
Renowned for his innovative techniques and his passion for women's beauty, Jean Louis David revolutionised the hairstyling world with the ground-breaking vision of systematic and continuous training which lifted the standard of the industry as a whole.
Starting with his first salon in Paris, Jean Louis David soon built an internationally-recognised brand by opening a series of franchise salons.
With over 1,200 salons in 24 countries worldwide, Jean Louis David remains Europe's number one hairdressing brand.

Jean Louis David,自1961年起便縱橫美髮界的不朽傳奇,是美髮界最享負盛名及備受推崇的大師。Jean Louis David除了憑藉對女性美學的創新技巧及豐富熱情而贏得各方讚譽之外,更把持領先業界的視野及遠見,成為史上首位為美髮師提供有系統及持續訓練的先行者,革新美髮行業,全面提升業界水平。

Jean Louis David,自1961年起便縱橫美髮界的不朽傳奇,是美髮界最享負盛名及備受推崇的大師。Jean Louis David除了憑藉對女性美學的創新技巧及豐富熱情而贏得各方讚譽之外,更把持領先業界的視野及遠見,成為史上首位為美髮師提供有系統及持續訓練的先行者,革新美髮行業,全面提升業界水平。隨着Jean Louis David在巴黎創立第一間美髮店,以「Jean Louis David」品牌開設的特許經營美髮店相繼在全球各地開業,旋即建立起蜚聲國際的美髮王國。現時,Jean Louis David在全球24個國家共開設超過1,200間美髮店,是歐洲首屈一指的美髮品牌。

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