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Hairstylists are artists at heart

Interview with Estetica

News - 26 July 2018

Michael S. Lam

Jean Louis David Hong Kong is very happy to welcome Mr. Michael S. Lam as our new Executive Manager.
News - 30 April 2018

Fringe or no fringe



Fringe or no fringe? 3 pieces of advice before you get one



News - 23 November 2017

Streaks & Highlights


Hair colouring

What are the differences between streaks and highlights?

Hair colour 2

News - 21 November 2017

Everything there is to know about colour shampoos

Neither a colouring technique nor a simple treatment, colour shampoos are a real ally for your hair colour, provided they are used properly and the right product is chosen. Read on to find out how to use them.

News - 11 October 2017

Hair colouring

Boost your hair colour without permanent colouring

To give a boost to your natural base colour, sometimes you don't need to do anything too drastic. From extra shine to highlights that catch the light or revive your colour, here are 3 ways to enhance your hair colour without permanent colouring techniques.

News - 05 September 2017

Back to school 2017

News - 28 August 2017

Twist your hair into a bun to be the Queen of the party

News - 28 August 2017

Can you colour your beard?

can you colour your beard image



News - 21 August 2017

Now hiring

Senior stylist position

We are looking for a talented stylist to join our team located in Manning House 48 Queen’s Rd, Central.   Job requirements include spoken English and Cantonese as well as five years of relevant working experience. Please apply by email to: or phone 2997 9828 for enquiries.







News - 13 August 2017

Men care

Men: which hair treatments should you use in summer?


News - 10 August 2017

You deserve to be beautiful every day

News - 10 August 2017

Damaged hair

Why shouldn't you brush wet hair

Have you got into the habit of brushing your hair immediately after washing? Find out why this is not as good an idea as it may seem.




News - 09 August 2017

We have updated our prices

We have updated our price list

News - 08 August 2017

Hair care

Flat hair when you wake up: how can you give it volume?


News - 06 August 2017

How can you hold on to your summer highlights?

The summer holidays can brighten your hair with highlights that catch the light. Follow our advice on how to hold onto them for as long as possible, and show off a radiant hair colour full of vitality.

In summer, the sun lightens the most exposed parts of your hair, mainly the mid-lengths parts and the tips. To keep these summer highlights intact, do not get your hair cut and instead, opt for shine-enhancing treatments.


News - 04 August 2017

#Sunlight effect in our hair

Let’s start the weekend with a #Sunlight effect in our hair ✨
► Focus on this exclusive service :

News - 03 August 2017


News - 03 August 2017


Pimpez votre look avec un Side Hair tressé !
Pimp your look with a braided Side Hair !

News - 28 July 2017


Comme Noholita, osez le wild look !
Dare the Wild Look like Noholita !

News - 25 July 2017
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