Fringe or no fringe


Do you have a face which would suit a fringe? Which type of fringe should you go for? How do you maintain it long term? Discover the essentials you should know before taking the plunge.

It's a fact: there is no a better way to boost your look than with a fringe! It's an accessory in itself which adds character to your haircut and draws attention to your eyes. It can also be used to conceal some minor flaws such as a forehead which is too big or a few persistent spots.


Which style to choose?

 Straight, curtain, thinned out, short or curved...It's simple, there are endless styles of fringe to choose from according to your desired look and the nature of your hair. The longer your fringe is, the more it will give you a bohemian look. Alternatively, you will immediately get a retro pin-up look with a short fringe. In 2016, the fringes spotted on the catwalk during the Fashion Weeks were full, straightened and stopped at the eyebrows.


Should I go for this trend?

 Passing fads aside, your fringe must above all be a feature which suits you 100%. You must feel comfortable with it in all situations. Several criteria come into play when making your decision: what do you wish to emphasise? Which style to you wish to obtain? How much time are you willing to spend in the mornings styling your hair?

Furthermore, your fringe must suit the texture and nature of your hair. Avoid a thinned out fringe if your hair is too fine at the risk of not having enough substance. Equally, avoid short fringes with curly hair! Above all, feel free to seek advice from your hairdresser who will be able to give you a personalised opinion.


Am I prepared to maintain it?

A fringe requires regular upkeep so it doesn't become a nuisance or even unsightly. Don't take any risks trying to cut it by yourself at home. Visit your salon as soon as it becomes difficult to style. Furthermore, there are several tricks for hiding or giving a new lease of life to a fringe which has become too long, whilst awaiting your next hairdressing appointment.


Our advice: if you straighten your fringe on a daily basis, consider protecting it with a thermo-active treatment such as Absolute Shine Leave-In treatment from the Keratin Therapy range. By doing this, you will preserve its vitality for weeks.




News - 23 November 2017