Hair colouring


The Gloss treatment for extra shiny locks

To showcase your base shade without changing its colour, opt for ultimate shine with the Gloss treatment. This is an exclusive Jean Louis David tone-on-tone temporary colouring technique which adapts to all hair types and colours to revive radiant shine. As a result, your locks will have pretty highlights that catch the light. They will last for several weeks before gradually fading without an 'obvious roots effect'. The result: your natural colour is more beautiful and intense.

Good to know: in brown hair, the Gloss treatment simply adds shine. In blond hair, however, you can also use it to correct your blond colour, making this treatment a real lifesaver!

All-natural highlights

Yes, you can lighten your natural colour with pretty sun-kissed highlights without getting your hair coloured! Go for natural ingredients with lightening properties which, once diluted in water and applied to your hair when washing, allow you to mark out lighter streaks in your locks. Choose your active ingredient to suit your base colour for optimum results. Those with golden hair should use a camomile shampoo to lighten their blond, whereas you should opt for a lemon juice rinse or a honey mask left to soak in for about an hour if you have light brown hair. As for dark brunettes, cinnamon is the best bet.

Colour boosters to intensify highlights

To give your base colour a boost, opt for a treatment high in nourishing pigments which will revive your colour and its natural highlights whilst hydrating your hair. It is easy to use: simply apply it to your locks and let it soak in for 5 minutes. It intensifies the shade and restores shine. Using this product, your hair can be enhanced in the blink of an eye!

News - 05 September 2017