Back to school 2017

 Does your daughter want a new look to go back to school? Find her the perfect hairstyle among our selection of haircuts so that she can make a splash in the playground.

An on-trend bob as a transition to short hair

Just like for adults, the bob haircut is also a safe bet for little girls in autumn 2017. It adapts to both your child's hair type and the desired look for an on-trend and practical style. If your daughter has straight hair, she can go for a short chin-length straight bob which is easy to style in the mornings. Otherwise, ask the hairdresser for a shoulder-length bob. This will allow you to either put her hair up in the blink of an eye or let the natural bounce of her pretty curls loose.

Layers to add style to her locks

With children's hair, it is always best to keep it as simple as possible. To make for a pretty girls' haircut, subtle layers will be enough to structure and reduce the volume of her hair. Plus, it will enhance either straight or curly hair. Your hairdresser will only shorten the strands under the chin, and then your daughter can wear beautiful braids, high or low ponytails or pretty chignons depending on the occasion.

A fringe to reinvent her current style

Is your daughter not ready for a radical change? Why not suggest that she gets an on-trend fringe? This is perfect for giving a new lease of life to her hairstyle. She should opt for a fringe which falls just above her eyebrows so that it doesn't block her view. She can go for a curtain fringe if her hair is thick. However, if she has fine hair, get it slightly layered to make it look fuller. Girls with curly hair can also wear a fringe with a deliberately de-styled look. For the rest of the hair, simply get the ends trimmed.

News - 28 August 2017