Can you colour your beard?

Gentlemen, colouring isn't just for your hair, there is also a range of colouring products specifically designed to keep your beard looking perfect! So, all you bearded guys out there, read on to find out if colouring yours is an option.

Yes, with a specialised beard colouring product

Whatever you do, don't pinch your other half's box of hair dye to change the colour of your beard. These days you can get colouring products specifically designed for beard hair. Being tough and dry, it has a completely different structure to the hair on your head. Using a product specifically for beards is the number one condition for a successful transformation. Use a beard colouring kit, either at the salon or at home, if you wish to keep your beard colouring secret.

Yes, no matter what its length

You do not need a full beard to colour it, which is a common preconceived idea amongst bearded men. Similarly, if your skin is extremely sensitive and prone to irritation, use an ammonia-free formula which is less aggravating on your skin.

Yes, to keep it looking even

Do you have red or white hairs interspersed into your beard, despite having a brown or blond base colour? Does it bother you? You no longer need to shave off your beard to resolve the issue - colouring your beard is the ideal solution for getting an even beard colour. Choose a shade as close as possible to your original colour for a very natural result.

Yes, to match the colour of your hair

Another beard issue: having a beard which is a completely different shade to your hair. This is extremely common, especially guys with brown hair having a ginger beard. By colouring your beard, you can match it up with your hair without anyone knowing.

Yes, so it can stand out!

For blonds, colouring your beard hair allows you to create a darker contrast to showcase your beard, as light blond facial hair can go unnoticed. If you wish to do this, get a skilled barber to dye your beard.


News - 21 August 2017