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 Sunshine, chlorine, salt water... In summer your hair is put through the mill on a daily basis. To keep your locks in the best of health, take a look at the following treatments which you should be using.

 Sunscreen for your hair

 Your hair is as sensitive to excess sun exposure as your skin is and is liable to dry out in summer, as is your scalp. This is a good way to get dandruff. To avoid these hair issues, every morning apply a protective treatment such as Jean Louis David's Multi-Purpose Leave-In Sun Therapy Gel to place an anti-UV layer over the hair fibre and enjoy outdoor activities without damaging your hair. Applying this product only takes a few seconds due to its leave-in spray format, and is even more essential if your hair is fine and so more fragile.

A mild or purifying shampoo

With high temperatures, hair tends to go greasy much faster. Then, when chlorinated water, the sea and watersports are thrown into the mix, you often need to wash your hair every day. To rid your scalp of excess sebum and sweat, but also chlorine, sand and sea salt crystals which can get lodged in your scalp, opt for a mild shampoo which will not damage your skin. The only exception is if you have greasy hair: opt instead for a purifying formula to effectively freshen up your scalp.

A nourishing hair mask

In summer, your hair becomes dehydrated easily whether it be short, mid-length or long. To boost its resistance to external damaging factors and to treat weakened hair, apply a hair repair mask after washing your hair to rehydrate and restructure the hair fiber deep down. If you have gone for highlighted streaks ahead of summer, choose a treatment specifically designed for coloured hair. It will help you to hold onto your color over the holidays.


News - 10 August 2017